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Free Download Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) APK for Android is an online battle royals game developed by Indian game developer Mayhem Studios that is based on the Indian Gang war system. It offers many gang war modes, Missions, and challenges to enjoy.
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06, Apr 2023
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About Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) APK:

Are you love to play action bases battle games like Gang wars fights etc? If yes then you are in the right place. Today in this article we are going to introduce the newly launched online battle royale game known as Under Ground Gang Wars (UGW) APK. It is an online battle royale game that originates from India and was created by an Indian game developer Mayhem Studios from Bangalore. It offers a unique online gaming experience of gangster battles and thrilling moments. In this game, you become part of the Underworld and must survive by competing with other gangs and outlaws. 

You will get access to guns and other weapons as you progress in the game, and need to defeat your opponents. For a unique gaming experience, you can try out the Underworld gang mod Apk, which includes more weapons, customizations, and different skins. 

With this mod, you can change your character’s appearance and upgrade the available weapons. Join the Underworld gang wars game online and become the top gangster in the city. UGW APK is now available to download for free from our website Apksmart.net. so, get ready to join the game and play it!

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What is Underworld Gang Wars?

Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) is the latest in a series of gang mod apk games from Mayhem Studios. This battle royale game is rooted in India and focuses on the conflict between different gangs of online gangsters. UGW game was built with a highly detailed graphical user interface that gives players an immersive gaming experience. 

The game includes over 50 gangs, each with unique stories and objectives. Players can join one of these gangs and participate in the gang wars game online. They can also take on different missions, complete particular tasks, and engage in various multiplayer activities. The new version of the game has also improved visuals, adding new items and abilities and more intense battles. 

UGW APK also includes a variety of weapons and armor that players can use to customize their characters and enhance their gaming experience. The new version of Underworld Gang Wars also features realistic sound effects and a variety of missions to keep players engaged. With its improved graphics and intense gameplay, Underworld Gang Wars is an exciting game for any gangster fan.

Features of Underworld Gang Wars Mod APK:

The Underworld gang wars APK is a new Indian gang war game similar to Stranger Team Free Fire that lets you enjoy the Gang war system in India. It offers many unique features in the game to enjoy. we have listed all the key features of the UGW APK below;

Becomes an Underworld Boss:

In Underworld Gang Wars (UGW), you can become a powerful boss of the Underworld by working your way up from a regular street thug to a fully-fledged gangster kingpin. 

Create Your Gang :

As the boss of your gang, you’ll be able to customize and personalize it with unique gang colors and design your logo for your criminal crew. Create your own Gang and rule the gang as a boss.

Modify Your Character:

You can customize your character in UGW by choosing from different skin colors, tattoos, hairstyles, and clothing items. 

Join Gangs:

You can join forces with other players or gangs to increase your power and strength in the Underworld. 

Fight with other Gang Wars:

Join other players or gangs to fight intense battles in UGW’s gang wars mode. Players can compete with other gangs in the game & defeat them in order to survive the game.

Engage in Underground Contests:

Participate in races, challenges, tournaments, and special events to earn rewards and fame in the Underworld. 

Conquer Enemy Strongholds:

Raid and took over enemy strongholds to gain control of new territories in the Underworld City. 

Level Up Your Character:

Increase your character’s skills and abilities by completing missions, joining new events, and gaining experience points in UGW’s RPG-style character development system. 

Unlock Special Rewards:

Complete special missions and challenges to unlock powerful rewards such as rare weapons like (M4, Emily 303, Sterling), armor, vehicles, and more. 

Enjoy High-Quality Visuals & Sounds:

Enjoy breathtaking visuals and amazing sound effects that bring the world of UGW alive like never before.

How to Download Underworld Gang Wars APK For Android?

To download the latest action-packed battle royale game must read the guidelines below and easily install it on your mobile phone.

  1. Download the APK file of the game by clicking on the Download button
  2. Allow (third party) Games to install on your phone by enabling the (Unknown Source) option from the <Security Settings>.
  3. Now Tap on the ”Install Button” & wait for the installation process to complete
  4. Finally, open the UGW Mod APK, Activate all Modes, and enjoy it.


Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) apk is an exciting game for Indian Online gangsters. Bengalore-based game developer Mayhem Studios have developed it. This game gives you the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of being an underworld gangster in India. The game offers impressive features like missions, challenges, and many more. 

You can also download the Underworld gang mod apk from various websites for additional features. So if you are a fan of battle royale games and want to experience the thrill of being a part of the Indian Underworld, download Underworld Gang Wars Apk for Android and start your journey!

FAQs About UGW Game APK:

What is UnderWorld Gang Wars APK?

It is an online Battle royale game full of action and thrill that is designed according to the gang wars system in India. Players have to fight with another gangster in order to win the game.

Is it Free to download UGW Game?

Yes, this game is available on our website Apksmart.net for free, players can easily download it from here.

Are Underworld Wars safe to play?

Yes, it is a safe & secure game that can be played without any worry.

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