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Free Download Drain Mansion Apk is a Puzzle game where you have to perform different tasks and escape from an unknown place by Facing problems and destroying enemies wisely.
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About Drain mansion (Puzzle Game):

Although we have a lot of digital apps to divert our minds, we are huge fans of our old games. We are emotionally attached to our old games like Drain Mansion APK. They are always too precious to us. drain mansion is a unique puzzle game where a boy wakes up in a dark mansion and he lost the way to escape from the mansion. the boy has to solve the puzzles and destroy the enemies by using different weapons along the way.

Drain Mansion is a role-playing game where the player has to play the role of a lost boy in the dark world. The Player has to take care of, solve the puzzle tasks, and safely get out the boy of the dark mansion. This journey is not easy as the enemies make hurdles on the way and the places are unknown to you which makes it more difficult for you. You can utilize weapons to kill enemies. Try Drain Mansion Apk now. Here is a twist, it is a puzzle game that will satisfy you with its unique properties. Also, try the best Role-playing games CatLife Mod Apk, and experience the cat’s life.

Drain Mansion puzzle Game

What is Drain Mansion Apk?

If you are a true lover of your old games, you might remember that craziness of blocked graphics. It had always attracted you in your old times. Drain Mansion is the Puzzle Game developed by Kredyn Developers where you have to do small tasks and level up your game. It is a story-based game where a boy wakes up early in the morning, he lost his memory and gets back to his early memories. Drain Mansion Apk is in front of you with its taste of an old version puzzle-solving game.

It is a puzzle game, in which a person wakes up from sleep in a mansion. It seems that he has lost his memory, now he has to proceed to the levels by turning on the whole lights and escaping from the enemy. He must avoid the enemy, he has to create a lovely feeling to distract them and escape from there.
By proceeding from one door to the second door you would upgrade your level. So, try this unique game, which is a reminder of your old memories. Download this Adventurous game right now.

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Salient Features of Drain Mansion APK:

there are many great features of this Puzzle Game but here we have listed some of its key features Below:

Get Back To Old Memories:

We all love our childhood because it has the most beautiful memories. These memories make you happy. Drain Mansion Apk does exactly this. It reminds your old beautiful memories of childhood when you played this type of game.

Puzzle Game:

If you have solved a puzzle, you must know the excitement of that. It is like a puzzle Game in which you have to solve to level up yourself.

Improve your Problem-Solving skills:

If you will practice solving all the problems. This Game will improve your problem-solving skills. These are not so hard to solve, even though they are quite easy.

Safe & Secure:

This is the game which is providing you complete security, even if it is downloaded by a third-party website. Not every third-party gaming website provides you with golden services. It is very hard to trust third-party websites, but now you can trust them.

High Graphics & Sound play:

You will admire the game, which satisfies you with its graphics and its sound play. This game is providing you with a beautiful and satisfying sound at each and every step. However, the background sound is also admirable.

Creates a spirit and thrill in the player:

If you play a game, it creates a spirit in you. It stimulates you to play it by giving rewards. Drain Mansion Apk is one of their favorite games because it creates a thrill in them to play it.

No More Interrupting Ads:

If you are playing a game, Many advertisements which do not relate to that game, might disturb you. You will not find an advertisement from other websites in Drain Mansion Apk, as you may focus on your game and solve this puzzling game with flying colors.

Free to download:

Not every thrilling and interesting game gives the golden opportunity to download the game for free. Not every game site provides this service. This game is providing you with wonderful services to download for free.

No Subscription:

If you are playing games, it requires a subscription to promote itself. But in this Game, there is no subscription fee to play this game.

No Registration:

If you play a thrilling game, it would definitely ask you for registration. These types of formalities are not required for this adventure Game. it is completely free from any type of registration.

How to download Drain Mansion APK?

To Download the mind-blowing Puzzle Game must read the Guidelines Below;

  • Download by using the Link available at the Top Right of the page.
  • Must Enable the (Unknown Source) option from the security setting.
  • Install the app on your device and wait for a successful installation.
  • Open the Puzzle game and refresh your memories by passing the levels.


At last, I sum up my thoughts by saying that the Drain mansion is story-based gameplay where you go step by step by solving these puzzles. It is a mind-blowing game that improves your problem-solving skills. you may face hurdles on your journey and this game makes you strong to face the problems on your way and escape from them. Try this admirable Game, go and download Drain Mansion Apk Right now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Game about?

Drain Mansion is an Action-adventure game. It is a story of a lost boy in an unknown place and his efforts to escape from it by performing puzzle tasks and facing difficulties on his way.

Is it Safe to Install?

Yes, you can install this game from our website easily, and is protected from viruses. we always recommend the best app to our users.

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