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Free download CODM Injector APK (latest version) v1.0.38 for Android that unlocks unlimited features like Battle Royale, Zombies, Team Deathmatch, X-Ray, and Flash Runs, for the call of duty mobile game.
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09, Sep 2023
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You’ve come to the right place if you enjoy sports with a competitive edge. CODM Injector will add a lot of variables to your sport, and you may win a ton of variables. It’s a real-world game where you can spend as much money as you like on transportation-related aspects. It includes an unlimited amount of money for shipment, an aimbot, your health, and your credit rating. Similar to the well-known first-man or first-woman shooter sport, CODM, there are many additional online games. You must engage in conflict with your adversaries and see the game through to the bitter end.

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CODM-Call of Duty Mobile

What is CODM Injector?

One of Call of Duty Mobile’s higher-level operating apps is Codm Injector. The Call of Duty gameplay is made easy and hassle-free by the abundance of gaming aids or features provided by this software, allowing you to easily dispatch your rivals. As a result, users of this practical tool would easily be able to accumulate more points, money, jewels, and other items to advance through new levels or modes. This is the kind of app that you will never find anywhere, not even on Google.

Therefore, download the CODM Injector app, arm yourself, improve your skills, and get ready to dominate this game.  In this sense, you won’t be able to hold these ground-breaking items if you don’t have points, CP, or other game currency.

Instead, you must halt your finance to pay for these quotes out of your wallet. Being a participant in it, we know that none of those procedures, not even those used by experts are appropriate for newcomers. Because after several wars, each can be earned. Have you ever attempted to gain free access to them without them, though? Yes, there are several ways to give this a try and the CODM Injector is one of them.

The CODM Injector No Ban is among the best and safest methods. In actuality, you could use this application to liberate anything using CODM game money. Additionally, it was created with the help of a Die Hard and Pro Player from the CODM. As a result, it contains all of the essential components of gaming that let players easily understand the game. Therefore, grab it right away before this CODM App becomes popular, and your rivals find it and start using its features against you.

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Features of CODM Injector APK:

There are a ton of different sports modes included in the CODM injector, giving you many options such as,

Battle Royale

Players in the game mode known as “Battle Royale” must fight to the death and kill their opponents in order to emerge as the last person standing.

Unlock Zombies

When you play and succeed, you will amass COD points and be able to unlock zombies, which are monsters you may use to dispatch your adversaries.

Console Picture

The main characters and elements are all present in the CODM Injector console picture design, and they can all be shown to the highest possible standard.

Team Deathmatch

As a free-for-all team game mode, Team Deathmatch allows players to join any team at any time and play with whomever they like.


The fact that Codm injector APKs are well-known and secure is what makes them unique.


Player-versus-player is a midway feature. For victories and money, players compete with one another. Additionally, it’s a means for us to build up cash factors.


With X-Ray walls, you can see through walls without touching anything.

Character Speed

There are now several character speeds available in video games, some of which allow for smooth movement and slow motion while others offer a wide range of speeds that may be varied to any degree.

Flash Runs

Flash runs at its fastest speed as the game progresses. The game slows down as the player performs, reducing the velocity.

Your laptop’s speed can be adjusted so that you can play more quickly.


A purple crosshair is displayed above the participant’s active role. It might be encircled in some games by a colored circle.

Crosshair size refers to the crosshair’s width when a player is observing a target in a video game.


The CODM injector is Anti ban, free to download and install, and has an easy user interface.

App Screenshots:

How to Download CODM Injector APK for Android?

It’s very simple to download the latest version of CODM Injector on your device. To download this app must read the following Instructions.

  • Download the App from the provided link above at the top of this web page.
  • Wait for 10 Seconds to generate the link, after that press the download button and download it.
  • Enable the (unknown source) permission to install third-party Apps.
  • Install the App and enjoy the amazing features of this Tool.


Without question, one of the best video games that have dominated this leisure category for many years is Call of Duty Mobile. As a result, it isn’t a big concern that there are hundreds of apps available for this game. Yes, hundreds of third-birthday party apps are now thought to be helpful for gamers to help them improve their game. However, no one can find and search for dependable programs out of tons of apps till an expert searches for an app and notes that it’s a great app.

Well, in this regard, our expert team has examined several apps and found CODM Injector to be the most dependable, advantageous, and comfy out of all of them. This is an excellent reproduction for both kids and adults because of the gorgeous graphics, incredible gameplay, and features. So, download it now and start winning your battle.

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